Where it all began


Music is my warm blanket, it has always been my feel good, and as a child it always comforted me.  I grew up in the tiny town of Graham, Texas.  A small town “just” two and a half hours away from Dallas where if you need or want to go shopping or go out to nicer restaurants you get in the car and you drive.  It was those long car rides out on the open and empty Texas highways where my mother always surrounded me with music from legends like the Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Al Green, Aretha Franklin, or AC/DC, whenever she had the chance, which was a lot.  My Dad, a music lover, also listened to Neil Diamond, Lee Greenwood, George Straight, Johnny Cash, and Waylon Jennings. My mother and father had the common language of music but their tastes and styles differed.  My mother had always wanted to sing and dabbled a little. Vocally, well she was good but not great. So, the torch was passed from my mother to me at the very early age of 4.


When I was home alone (and at the ripe old age of 7!), I’d don full-on make-up, pull out the hairbrush, and sing my heart out in the mirror, so cliché right? I could belt ‘em out with the best and when I sang I knew my place in the universe. It didn’t take long for my family to recognize my talent, and with their encouragement, I began to sing at beauty pageants, church, and public events.  I knew if I really wanted to sing I would have to leave my tiny town of Graham, inside of a dry county (aka no bars) and go to Nashville, New York, or Los Angeles.  LA was my choice because coming from such a small-town NY would have overwhelmed me and Nashville was primarily known for country music.  It was from Texas I began my career in the fashion industry working retail all throughout high school and even before that.  I had made in-roads with fashion through Dallas and then in LA and NY, so look out here I come!  It was the City of Angels or BUST!  I knew I could support myself and my dream, fashion by day…music by night.  Guess you could say I had 2 full time careers.

From Texas to California

Anyone who knows me would say I’ve “never met a stranger”. I come by it honestly as both of my parents were always very outgoing and not to mention we’re from the south, that good old southern hospitality. With my gift of gab and “never met a stranger” attitude doors in LA opened for me quite easily. I was fortunate that a few folks in the music industry mentored me and helped give me direction and guidance. If I was gonna sing I had to also be a songwriter, I had to have my sound, musical style, an image, a look, perform shows, get a band, book gigs, the list kept growing and growing. OH MY!! I was suddenly in the midst of an industry completely changing before my very eyes and what was always hard seemed even harder if not impossible to break into. However, I kept smiling and thinking someone will see my “diamond in the rough” quality… and so they did.


The Road to Stardom

I kept plugging along and working full time in fashion while also in music I was also my own manager, booking agent, stylist, talent scout for band members etc. with a long laundry list of to do’s. I was one driven Texan determined to make it in the LA music industry. After years and years of hard work finally I was making a name for myself in the Los Angeles music scene and that of the “famous” Sunset strip. I played The Troubadour, The Roxy, and The Viper Room, all the venues that had so much history, pretty much every major artist had played at these historical venues on their way to the top. You could almost eerily feel the presence of these greats at these venues when you were there. If these wall’s or stages could talk.


Years and years of dreaming since I was 4 years old and determination finally started to become my reality. My 1st radio single “Inside” was a song I wrote on a napkin at LAX airport. “Inside” hit the top 40 and I got a taste of stardom. I was on my way, charting with Maroon 5, Kelly Clarkson, etc. Awards, radio, big time managers, sold-out shows with up and coming artist that would go on to dominate the industry, for example Katy Perry. This was the “bigtime” then suddenly it all came to a screeching halt. The industry started to fall apart and I too fell between the cracks of an old music industry and a new one yet to emerge. Along came iTunes and YouTube, and during this time I fell down “a lot” but dusted myself off and ‘kept going. I kinda like to think of myself as the determined underdog. Thank goodness I kept going as the dust finally settled in the music industry and now artists like me can be heard without needing major record labels to back them.


Fast forward to today, I have an incredible team with eleven amazingly talented people behind me and I’m working on some new songs that speak to me and are truly my journey through this maze called the music industry. I hope you connect with these songs and that throughout your journey my music can inspire you or bring back a memory of a special time and place as that’s what music is all about isn’t it? Finding those universal truths in life– those moments that give you goose bumps.


Music is my calling. It’s what I was born to do. It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. My journey was and is the music. It’s my gift to you. Much love, Kim Kline.